The removal operation is used for large formations with deep germination into the dermis under local anesthesia. Therefore, after excision of the diseased area, the patient is released home. Removal is possible by the following methods:

The use of a laser allows you to remove a hard-to-reach neoplasm with minimal damage to healthy tissues.

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A small scar remains, there is no risk of infection of the wound. When using a laser, the possibility of recurrence is minimized. Cryodestruction consists in freezing the tumor with liquid nitrogen, which leads to the death and destruction of malignant cells. Carried out using anesthesia. It is recommended to use for women because of the inconspicuous scar. Treatment of pathology with irradiation with gamma rays begins when it cannot be removed in other ways. Several courses are prescribed until complete disappearance.

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The electrocoagulation method uses a high-frequency current discharge. Spot cauterization of zyban area is carried out with minimal damage. Chemotherapy uses ointments from anticancer drugs - 5-fluorouracil, Imiquimod, Methotrexate or Kolhamin. The agent is applied to a sore spot - after a while, malignant cells die. Doctors consider this method sparing, because. does not cause massive damage to healthy cells. Photodynamic therapy consists in exposing the tumor to flashes of light with the internal administration of a photosensitizing substance. After PDT, a small scar remains. It also allows you to remove a hard-to-reach neoplasm.

Sometimes combined treatment is used - several methods are used simultaneously. This is used to treat complex pathologies located deep in the dermis. Which method to apply will become clear after receiving all the necessary survey results. The age and degree of bupropion to the site is also taken into account. The prognosis for pathology is favorable. The survival rate with adequate treatment exceeds 90%. People with cured forms of basalioma at an early stage, on average, live up to 10 years or more.

In medical practice, there are cases of a new nodule appearing at the same place, which requires repeated therapy. To prevent recurrence, it is recommended to regularly examine the doctor after treatment. Sometimes the patient is prescribed a special diet. A balanced diet helps support the body and boost the immune system.

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Basalioma is a malignant lesion of the skin. Among all other tumors, basalioma responds well to treatment and can lead to a 100% cure. The main problem of basalioma remains that it can lead to dysfunction of muscle tissue, damage the innervation and even damage the integrity of bone structures. Also, the main goal pursued by all oncodermatologists in the study and treatment of a patient with basalioma is to prescribe therapy as early as possible in order to prevent gross organic disorders of healthy tissues.

Basalioma equally affects both men and women. One of the important signs of its development is a long exposure to strong solar radiation and thus a constant burn effect of sunlight on human skin. A priori, basalioma refers to a cancerous lesion of the skin. This happens under the influence of a whole list of etiological factors that affect the cells of bupropion pills. As a result, visual skin defects develop, which can be accompanied by severe pain.

  • Visually, various defects will appear on the surface of the skin with basalioma.
  • They have a characteristic pinkish color and a completely different shape.
  • In the late course, these basal cell carcinomas ulcerate significantly, and changes can go straight to the bone.
  • Basalioma almost never metastasizes. But it can deeply eat into deep tissues and cause a violation of innervation and muscle contraction.

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So, if the basalioma is located in areas of the facial area, then its further introduction can lead to a violation of the facial muscles of the face. This disease is distributed according to its clinical forms and stages. Among the forms, there are both species that are characterized by extremely slow growth, and basaliomas are extremely aggressive and rapidly spreading. The staging of the process is similar to the stages of any malignant tumor lesion and has the same principles of differentiation.

  • It is important to determine the presence of basalioma in the early stages, because the productivity of its treatment depends on it.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to apply certain diagnostic criteria: dermatoscopy, the closest study of the pathological focus through a magnifying glass, cytological examination of the material of a possible tumor.
  • In combination with these research methods, additional methods are also used: x-ray of the chest cavity, puncture of the lymph node, ultrasound of the abdominal organs to determine the spread of the process to the lymph nodes.

Interestingly, it is thanks to the aboveAccording to these properties, all subspecies of tumors belong to the so-called processes with hyperbiotic ability (the ability to grow high, divide and increase the total mass of pathological tissue). Such tumor pathological cells can occur under the influence of various factors. There are a huge number of them: they include all kinds of chemical and physical substances, certain diseases and even viruses. But whatever the factors of origin and places of appearance of oncological tissue, the process of its appearance is almost the same.

Also, another feature of such cells will be that they have an extremely primitive structure.

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This is explained by the fact that they are all born from one cell, have maternal genetic bupropion and do not complicate their structure with each division. On the contrary, they even simplify it. Such simplification processes are extremely convenient for the rapid birth of a tumor - after all, the simpler the structure of the cell, the less time it takes to build it, which means that a sufficient amount of pathological tissue will develop faster.

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In addition, cancer cells and tissues have another most infamous ability - such cells have the ability to spread throughout the body and secondary damage to new tissue structures (also known as metastasis). The type of organs that may be at risk of secondary infection with cancer cells depends on the way in which such cells will spread throughout the body: for example, through the bloodstream or lymphatics.

It is also important to know that the longer a cancer cell divides, the more malignant its descendants become.

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